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Canify AG is a licensed pharmaceutical company focussing on medical cannabis. Our products are based on scientific data, high-end technology, and an ambition to help patients. Our approach to sales and distribution is to make the Canna-Biz as easy and convenient as possible for pharmacies and wholesalers. We also offer tailor-made manufacturing and market access solutions for 3rd party collaborators, setting standards in terms of quality, production capacity and delivery time.

Our manufacturing excellence meets the highest standards set by European GACP and GMP guidelines, so we can deliver transparency and traceability from the grow room to the patient.

Canify’s products always meet the highest quality standards.

Canify Pharma

As one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the European Union with a manufacturing licence for the unlimited import, packaging, and market release of cannabis raw material, we partner with international producers to develop and supply the rapidly growing European cannabis market.

We have all our suppliers qualified and audited in order to meet the extensive requirements for pharmaceuticals and guarantee our customers high-quality products.
As required by law, the quality of our processes, work equipment and products is subject to regular monitoring by the responsible regulatory authority. Even beyond the regulatory standards, we care deeply about offering only high-quality medicines.

Canify convinces pharmacies and wholesalers with excellent customer service: In terms of product quality, delivery capability and delivery times.

Canify produces medical cannabis according to European GACP and GMP guidelines at a former NATO bunker.


The sale of cannabis for medical purposes became legal in Germany in March 2017. It is subject to the strict regulations of the Cannabis Agency of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, as well as the health authorities of the federal states. Since then, medical cannabis has been available in German pharmacies upon presentation of a prescription.

We always focus on the patient. This means that access to medical cannabis should not be limited by lack of availability or stocks with an expired shelf life. With our facilities in Bavaria, Germany, we can supply the German pharmacies and wholesalers with medical cannabis products that have gone through the full import, inspection, packaging and shipping process “in-house” at Canify.

Up to two tons of cannabis can be stored in the Canify warehouse.

Due to our in-house production, we are able to purchase cannabis raw material from approved manufacturers in large quantities, package it as an active ingredient and/or medicine, and market it in Europe with our own label or as a third-label product. We distribute our products to European pharmaceutical wholesalers as well as directly to pharmacies.

To enable an optimal product range for diverse patient types, we source high quality cannabis flowers from internationally respected cultivation companies. When working with third parties, the satisfaction of our cooperation partners is our priority.

Our current product portfolio can only be reviewed by health care professionals and only after successful validation. You can use your DocCheck login to explore our online store, but you must register with us as a retail pharmacy or wholesaler to order cannabis products from us. Learn more about our services, products and ordering options on our german website:

Canify Services

We offer tailored solutions for your medical cannabis products. With our Market Access Platform you can be sure of getting your product onto the European Market. To ensure that our customers receive the highest quality, we transformed a former NATO bunker into a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production site. After a three-year-certification process, this facility is now GDP and GMP qualified. Over the past one-and-a-half years we have taken action to build the necessary operational experience in cannabis processing, so we can now offer you a full-service solution.

Depending on the client’s needs, you can chose a service model ranging from boutique services to a full-service solution that will facilitate daily operations in your medical cannabis business. As your partner along the entire value chain we can help you stand out in the German market: supplier qualification, laboratory analysis and stability testing, import, GMP processing, batch release, warehousing and distribution.

Steps of our partnership

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The entire process is managed in one place. The Canify process enables a high throughput in a state-of-the-art environment (clean room class D) with a dedicated and experienced team. With our service portfolio and regulatory setup, we support you on your path from initial idea to the first approved product in the shortest possible time.

With an extensive regulatory framework and all necessary permits to place cannabis products on the market, we are an ideal partner for all stages of production. With expert knowledge of EU-GMP guidelines, our utmost concern is to ensure the quality of your pharmaceutical products.

Your partner along the supply chain: from idea to market launch.

Fully automated production will be qualified this year.

Canify's services at one glance

Market Access & Knowledge

Processing & Manufacturing


Marketing & Sales

Market Access & Knowledge

Processing & Manufacturing


Marketing & Sales

Management Team


Sascha Mielcarek


Lasse Jensen


Nadja Frenzel


Arne Wilkens


Sven Affüpper


Silvia von Pistor


Supervisory Board

Roderick Stephan

Chairman of the Board
(Partner at Altitude Investment Management)

Sebastian Pötzsch

Deputy Chairman of the Board
(CEO Praetorius Capital)

Anton Nakhodkin

Board Member
(Managing Partner at Nyson Capital)

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